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Full of Grace
x a [Beautiful] lie x's Dolls.
Wow I have been away for a while. Let's do a quick catch-up...

My last post was when I had Lia unstrung in March of 2008. o.O I commented on maybe getting her restrung at the next meetup if I didn't get the supplies I needed and that is indeed what happened.

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Poor Lia. As much as she would like to get around and be more social, my private side is keeping her hidden away with me. I'm sorry for that, but I have always been this way keeping to my self and not wanting to bother others with my randomness. I am trying to work on that but I have been in a bit of a funk for the last few months that really hasn't helped. On top of that, Lia has fallen apart (except not really). I took her apart and pliver sueded her arms expecting to be able to put her back together at the next meet-up we went to; however, I wasn't able to make it to the meet-up due to my car dying while I was at the gas station filling up before heading off to the meet. So she is currently tucked away in her bag, awaiting the day that I can finally get her put back together. I finally entered into a GO to purchase one of the luts elastic string pullers and forceps, but the order hasn't been placed yet because 2 people haven't paid, so it may end up that I get her together at the April 13th meet-up before the items I ordered even get to my house.

So I am sorry to all who would like to see more pictures of Lia and find more out about her. She really wishes she could talk to you all, especially Tyler, whom has been awaiting her reply for quite some time (I'm sorry Psyence, but I hope you are having fun in Japan which i believe is where you are currently, if I remember correctly.). For those of you who would like to see more of Lia, don't expect anything till after April 13th, I will try and get something sooner if I get my order in sooner, but I doubt that will happen sadly. Anyways I hope everyone has a great week.

- Lots of love,
Sara & Lia

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So I hope you all enjoyed the lovely photo's of Lia in the last post I just put up. I really love her, she is so beautiful. Her denim outfit rocks, I adore it, and so does she which is good. Now she will maybe wear something other than the tan pants and black shirt you always see her in. I really need to either get her wired or sueded though, I have such a hard time getting her to stand sometimes, sitting up straight is even worse (as you ladies that were at Anime Vegas know pretty well). Hopefully I can get that done soon, because once I do I will be taking pictures of her more often. I just feel like pictures of her only standing will get boring after a bit and that is why I really haven't been taking many pictures.

Ok on to why I am so torn.....

I'm thinking about selling my nanuri 2007 with default face-up. I'm just not connecting with her and I feel bad about the fact she never really gets any attention. I really think the wig is to blame, it's so unruly and I can't keep it out of her face so I have ordered a new wig for her and am hoping that the new wig helps. Other than the wig I am just really not sure I like her eyes so closed so much, I don't know I can't decide and I won't be able to until I spend more time with her which won't happen until I get a new wig. If after I get the new wig and I spend more time with her and it ends up that yeah, I don't like the eyes being closed then instead of wasting a default face-up by modding it i will sell the head and have a blank head modded and re-face-uped instead.

That's all that's on my mind currently. I hope everyone is doing well.



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I went on a little photo-taking spree today (or at least I tried too. Breanna wasn't cooperating so no pics of her), and I got some nice pics of Lia. Here they are.


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So I haven't posted much on here recently, myself and the girls have been enjoying ourselves but we haven't really taken any pictures. But I finally whipped out the camera and took some more pictures after a bit of prodding and a new package. Yay!


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I took a few pictures of Lia a few days before Breanna arrived and my lazy self never got around to posting them. But here they are! enjoy.


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Oh my goodness I am so mad at my dad. He thought it would be funny if while I was gone at the store he took lia and flipped her over so she was hanging over the couch, head down. Well her wig slipped off so what does he do? He puts it back on her, on her face!!! I came home and I was like "O.O -grr-". The wig being put over her face messed up her left eyelashes even more. I need to either find someone who would be willing to help me re-glue that part of her eyelashes or I am just going to have to gather the courage and try and do it myself.

I do have good news however. Breanna, my CP Nanuri 2007 arrived yesterday. I was actually at the store trying to find putty to keep her eyes in place when my dad decided to be evil to lia. I have some pictures. Unfortunately most of the head box opening pictures turned out blurry, and I didn't find anything at the store to use so she doesn't have her eyes in the pictures. I am going to try another store later today in order to try and find something to keep her eyes in. I need to find her new eyes anyways the ones I got her have too high of a dome for her closed eyes. I will post more pictures when I get home from work. Until then I hope everyone has been doing great recently.


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So it has been an interesting 10 days for me. My mother found out about my lovely girl and had a nice time making fun of me and telling me I was getting weirder and weirder then proceeded to yell at me for spending so much money (I told her Lia was only $200, I am really  not looking forward to when mom learns Lia cost more than that). After she had a fun time doing those things she was a little nicer, asked to see her and then once again was mean and made fun of Lia's lack of hair and I yelled her and then she yelled at me for yelling at her over a "stupid doll" and I yelled at her some more and then left before she could yell at me again. Lia has remained in hiding since then, but now she is out and she is very excited. Some of you know why and for the others... Her wig arrived!!! I just got it in the mail today and she likes it a lot. More pictures later, but for now here is one.


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Gah I am so torn, I was working on getting some future doll plans and story ideas down and I came to the conclusion that I will have at least 5 dolls. Lia and then four dolls whose story lines shall be connected, characters from RP's I have been doing with friends for over a year. However I have a bit of a problem, I was looking through a few of my favorite photo stories on DoA today and I noticed that one of my planned boy's names was the same as one of the dolls that was in one of my favorite storylines. I can't believe I didn't realize it before, and I really don't want to copy someone else's name.
But I have honestly known this name for a long time through my RPing, not the DoA site and I am not copying it from that person. But I don't know what to do, should I continue with my plans to use that name or try and find a new name? The doll I had planned isn't the same mold as the other one and wouldn't even have close to similar appearances. But still I would feel bad. Am I just over-reacting? What do you think?

Wiggy News:
The leader of the GO has let us know that the items have arrived at her place! I am merely awaiting my shipping invoice. Yay! So that means you shall soon be attacked with Lia pictures!

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So those of you that have been keeping up with this journal have noticed I haven't taken a billion pics of my first girl Lia, yet. You also know I haven't posted a bunch of pics because I ended up not liking the wig she came with and she doesn't like pictures of her being taken while she is bald (People have tried to convince her "Bald is beautiful!" but sadly she doesn't believe that saying). So after I got her I started on the "Great Wig Hunt" (or so I like to call it) and it took me two canceled Group Orders to find a GO that would actually stick around.

The process has been slow but there is new news and I thought I would let you all know about it!
July 5th, 2007 9pm: The leader of the GO updated the thread with news that she had received a shipping notice from Luts!!

So I think I will have the wig in around... 2 weeks? Maybe? I'm not sure how fast Luts shipping and then shipping from her to me will happen... but I am thinking 2 weeks max. (I hope)

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